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— RawBaker App For Mac AppStore

Thank you for purchasing our product. RawBaker team respects your privacy and takes your data safety seriously. To better protect your privacy, we provide the notice below explaining our information practices and about the way your data is processed by RawBaker app.

What information do we use?

We do not collect any information from you when you use RawBaker, make a visit to our landing page, or fill out a form on it. When purchasing the yearly subscription to use our product unlimitedly, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your Apple ID, password, and possibly your payment method. All these information are solely collected by Apple, as normally done for all other apps on the Mac AppStore, and we do not have any access to your password and the payment method.

RawBaker only processes (compresses) the files which are already selected and confirmed by you manually. All the RAW files, folders, and LRCAT files are processed only with your consent. RawBaker doesn’t process any files in the background which you do not provide access to it clearly.

RawBaker is a completely offline product, meaning that you can use it entirely offline after downloading and installing it on your Mac for the first time. RawBaker doesn’t upload any of your files to a server of our own or any other servers belonging to third-party companies. RawBaker also doesn’t download anything from the Internet after installing it on your Mac.

RawBaker doesn’t independently use any of your personal identification information such as name, email address, passwords, Mac and Internet IP address, location and payment information. All such information are solely collected by Apple within the framework of the agreed Terms and Conditions provided by Apple to you when using Mac AppStore. All information are collected through Apple and RawBaker doesn’t have access to any of them.

On our landing page, we may collect your Name, Email Address, and messages (as submitted via the contact us form and the chat box), if you enter any of those information, to ensure the quality of service. We do not sell or share your information to or with any third-party companies.



Do we use cookies?

Cookies are only used on our landing page. Cookies are small text files, sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard disk. Cookies are used to maintain session state and help identify your personal preferences within our online services.

The cookies are used to facilitate your use of the website by speeding up your access to the website or to redirect you to another site.

We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information. If you do not wish to receive cookies or do not want to be notified of when they are placed, you may set your web browser to do so. If you do so, please be aware that you may not be able to view nor use certain parts of our landing page.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties any of your personally identification information.


RawBaker app is designed to compress RAW files to DNG files with very high visual quality, full editing flexibility, and all the metadata contained in the original RAW files, unless you choose not to transfer full quality and metadata information when processing your files. The expression “RAW files” hereby includes RAW files, Folders containing RAW files, and Adobe Lightroom Catalog files (.lrcat files) containing links to and databases associated with RAW files.

We do not accept any responsibilities for any potential damages to the quality and metadata of your images during the process. RawBaker does not operate any transferring operation on your RAW files within or outside your hard disk(s), unless you manually choose to “Move” and/or “Delete” the original RAW files in the process of compressing the original RAW files. We do not accept any responsibilities for any lost files, displaced files, and damaged files before, during, and after the process of compression. However, you may freely report any possible problems via the contact information and means provided on our landing page.

隐私政策和使用条款——RawBaker Mac 应用市场版本




当您使用RawBaker、访问我们的登录页或在上面填写表格时,我们不会向您收集任何信息。在购买无限制使用我们产品的年度订阅时,您可能会被要求输入您的Apple ID、密码,可能还需要输入您的付款方式。所有这些信息都是由苹果公司单独收集的,就像Mac AppStore上所有其他应用程序通常所做的那样,我们无法访问您的密码和支付方式。






RawBaker不会独立使用您的任何个人身份信息,如姓名、电子邮件地址、密码、Mac和Internet IP地址、位置和付款信息。所有此类信息仅由苹果在使用Mac 应用市场时向您提供的约定条款和条件的框架内收集。所有的信息都是通过苹果收集的,而RawBaker没有任何途径能够获取到上述信息。














RawBaker应用程序旨在将RAW文件压缩为具有非常高的视觉质量、保留所有RAW文件中的可编辑项目以及包含所有元数据的DNG文件,除非您在处理文件时选择不以无损质量压缩及保留所有元数据信息。“RAW 文件”在此包括RAW文件、包含RAW文件的文件夹以及包含指向RAW文件的链接和与RAW文件相关联的数据库的Adobe Lightroom目录文件(.lrcat文件)。



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